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Photo Reflector Holder


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Tags: Reflector, Reflector Holder, Reflector Clamp, Photo Reflector Holder

The Reflector holder and the light stand are adjustable/extendable to accommodate any size of reflector. 

The price does not include tte reflector. The reflector comes in different sizes and it's purchased separately by the user according to user's size preference. 

Enable to adjust the height, angle and other positions.

A great addition to multiple uses in your studio.

The single swiveling head bracket clamp can slide onto your light stand and hold large equipment, such as boom arms, in place.
It is easy to use and allows you to adjust the height, angle, and other positioning of your equipment.


Model: 2 in 1 Telescopic Boom Arm / Reflector Disc Arm Support

Material: Aluminum

Net Weight: 0.54kg

Diameter of axis: 16/19/22.4mm

Loading Weight: 2kg

Sections of the axis: 3

Folding Length: 550mm

Work Height: 470-1250mm

1. Simple operation is convenient, fast installation.
2. High quality materials, and the overall service life longer.
3. Multidimensional adjustment, to conduct a comprehensive fill lighting effect.
4. Suitable for use in a variety of fixed reflector, lamp can be installed in photography, solve no helper,etc.

NB: Reflector and Light Stand is for demonstration purpose only.

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