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Apple HomePod 2nd Gen Speaker


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All around sound and a smarter home can be yours with this midnight Apple HomePod. When it comes to enjoying music at home, this 2nd generation HomePod makes the center of the room your listening sweet spot—no matter where you place it. It can detect where it is and then project clear vocals to the center of the space, while bouncing ambient sounds off the walls to envelop you in your music.

The HomePod is also packed with Siri and a host of smart features. Providing you with more than just voice control over music, Siri and the HomePod can set reminders, send messages, control smart devices, and even set up automated responses based on sound, temperature, and humidity. More than just a speaker, the HomePod can easily become the centerpiece of your smart home.

Dynamic Hi-Fi Sound
Packed inside the HomePod is a high-excursion 4" woofer for deep, rich bass that's dynamically tuned in real time via a bass-EQ microphone. It's joined by five beamforming tweeters around the base, which deliver crisp, detailed, and clear sound. The drivers are managed by a system sensor that runs complex tuning models in real time, optimizing acoustics and preserving your music's dynamic range.
Room Sensing
The beamforming technology of the five tweeters works with the Room Sensing feature to take that dynamic sound and envelop you within it. No matter where you put the HomePod, Room Sensing uses microphones to listen to sound reflections, letting it automatically understand its location in the space and tune the audio accordingly. Vocals are sent to the middle of the room as ambient sounds are bounced off the walls and all around you.
Stereo and Whole Home Audio
You can further widen the soundstage and immersive experience of the HomePod by linking two together for a true pair of stereo speakers. Continue to add HomePods throughout your home and you can achieve whole home audio playback. Ideal for parties, you can send the same song to every room, or everyone in your family can enjoy their favorite tracks in different rooms.
Smart Features with Siri
An array of four far-field microphones allow the HomePod to more easily pick up your voice from across the room. You can use your voice to interact with Siri to control playback and so much more. You can ask Siri to set reminders, send messages, operate smart home devices, and even use an array of HomePods as an intercom system. Here's just some of what the HomePod and Siri can do in your home:



  • Home intercom: if your home has multiple HomePods, you can ask Siri to send a message to the rest of your family. A feature that also works with an iPhone, iPad, AirPods, Apple Watch, and CarPlay
  • Automations: automate tasks throughout the day. Schedule actions based on time or via built-in sound, temperature, and humidity sensors.
  • Locate others: Siri can help you locate other family members and even a misplaced iPhone with Apple's Find My feature.
  • Remote control: actions can be performed remotely when you're not at home, such as opening a smart door lock for a family member who forgot their keys.
  • HomeKit and Matter compatible: seamlessly control other Apple and Matter smart home devices and appliances.
  • Privacy: personal information you share with Siri through your HomePod is protected and stored in a way that even Apple can't access.
More than Music
Owners of Apple TV 4K can enhance their home theater experience with a pair of HomePods, which are capable of outputting Dolby Atmos surround sound.
When you walk in the door, you can use the Handoff feature to transfer what you're playing on your iPhone to the HomePod.
Additional Features
  • Supports Spatial Audio files for a heightened surround experience
  • Enjoy free access to Apple Music and its catalog of news, podcasts, and over 100 million songs
  • Wireless connectivity with support for Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n), Bluetooth 5.0, Thread, AirPlay, and Ultra-Wideband
  • Built-in touch controls for playback and volume adjustment


  • Premium, immersive, high-fidelity audio

  • Powerful high-excursion woofer delivers deep, rich bass

  • Five beamforming tweeters for clear, detailed highs

  • Advanced computational audio delivers room-filling sound

  • Spatial Audio for big sound all around

  • Create a stereo pair with two HomePod speakers for more immersive listening

  • Connect one HomePod speaker or a stereo pair with Apple TV for rich home theater audio

  • Works seamlessly with Apple devices; hold iPhone close to HomePod to hand off audio

  • Siri is the family’s intelligent assistant, helping with everyday tasks

  • Home hub to connect and control smart home accessories

  • Designed from the ground up to be private and secure

  • Setup requires Wi-Fi and iPhone or iPad with the latest software.

  • Works with compatible content in supported apps.

  • Requires a U1 equipped iPhone running iOS 16.2 or later.

  • Requires a HomeKit- or Matter-enabled accessory. Smart home accessory sold separately.

  • Creating a HomePod stereo pair requires two of the same model HomePod speaker, such as two HomePod mini, two HomePod (2nd generation) or two HomePod (1st generation).

  • Requires Apple TV 4K. Apple TV 4K sold separately.


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  • HomePod
  • 20W power adapter
  • Documentation

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