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Panasonic Corded Telephone (KX TS500FX)


  • Brand: Panasonic
  • Product Code: KX TS500FX
  • Availability: In Stock
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Tags: Panasonic Corded Telephone (KX TS500FX)


  • Type:

    • Corded extension phone
  • Display:

    • No display
  • Keypad:

    • Standard numeric keypad with dialing buttons
  • Caller ID:

    • No Caller ID display
  • Phonebook:

    • No phonebook or memory storage
  • Redial:

    • Basic last number redial feature
  • Ringer Volume:

    • Adjustable ringer volume with multiple levels
  • Handset Volume:

    • Adjustable handset volume
  • Speakerphone:

    • No speakerphone functionality
  • Headset Jack:

    • No headset jack
  • Wall Mountable:

    • Yes, it can be wall-mounted
  • Flash Button:

    • Flash button for call waiting or call transfer on some models
  • Call Waiting:

    • Basic call waiting support
  • Power Source:

    • Powered via a standard electrical outlet
  • Dimensions:

    • Varies by model but generally compact and lightweight
  • Weight:

    • Varies by model, typically lightweight
  • Color Options:

    • Available in various colors
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